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Note: to access images from the Washington State Historical Society (WSHS) collections, enter their catalog numbers in Collections Search box. Items in bold face have been scanned

WSHS C2013.18.82

Fannie, nee Steele
Helen, daughter of Rossell and Fannie,  married Aetzel, WSHS  C2018.0.142; C2013.18.36, C2013.18.57, C1950.1191.14; C1986., C2015.0.81 (pictured here with her grandmother Hannah Steele)
Isabella, married Rossell, nee Galbraith
, son of Rossell, OHS graduate 1909, WSHS C1951.8.17, C2013.18.36, C2015.0.81 (see above photo)

Olivia, sister of Rossell, m. J.A. Wright, WSHS C2017.0.6
, blacksmith, WSHS C1949.18.72; Rogues p. 174;  PJ O’Brien’s Blacksmith Shop
Rossell Galbraith, arrived 1870 as assistant to Governor Salomon, revenue collector, reportedly initiated the custom of standing for the National Anthem; Mayor of Olympia 1892; photo at Digital Archives; Olympia Tribune Souvenir Issue; WSHS C1943.1.9; C2018.0.142; C2018.0.191; C2018.0.190; C1952.197.21; Rogues p. 92 et seq;  biography and image of plaque in Tacoma honoring O’Brian; this photo from TCPTCP;  site of O’Brien House

,nee Ostrander, married Michael 

Michael, bookstore operator and publisher, see Washington West of the Cascades, house, WSHS C1946.240.4 (house), C2013.18.181, C1946.240.6; C2017.0.133

James, WSHS C1943.1008.1

Ely and Hazel,
WSHS C2013.18.81

Grace, House, WSHS C1964.
William F
., arrived 1869, horse team, TCP

Dan, president of Mud Bay Logging, see Dan O’Leary House
John, doctor, brother of Dan, Rogues p 326; see John O’Leary House


dentist, Olympia Tribune Souvenir Issue


Charlotte, married George French and came in same train, one of first women in territory to vote, see article re sister Mary Olney Brown cited below, photo courtesy Thurston County Historic Commission
Eliza, sister of Charlotte, Maria and Mary,  WSHS C1950.1301.19.2
Maria, sister of Mary, married Moore (mother of Charles M. Moore), WSHS C1950.1301.13.18, C1950.1301.13.19, C1950.1301.13.20, C1950.1301.13.21


Mary known as Mary Olney BrownEarly advocate for women’s suffrage, midwife, cold water therapist, temperance crusader, married Benjamin Brown, Georgiana, p. 116, TCP; WSHS C2006.0.3, C1954.469.2, HistoryLink , photo from Women’s History Consortium; see Sylvester’s Window 1874 Meet the Neighbors p. 9

Katherine – married F.R. Klumb WSHS C1993.12.3, C1993.12.11

mary o'neil
, arrived 1863 in company of five other girls, teacher,  Digital Archives; see photograph in Bigelow House Photograph collection; see also WSHS C1952.226.34, C1943.2x.33; C1943.2x.324;  TCP, C2017.0.134
William, OHS student, musician, WSHS C1951.8.15; C1957.134x.36;  C2017.0.141

Belle, nee Bettman
WSHS C2013.18.57

Mary, with second Mercer party, married Frank Atkins

Fanny, nee Crosby, wife of John

Fanny, daughter of Nathaniel, m. Charles M. Moore, WSHS C2018.0.79
, m.  Walter Crosby, WSHS 2012.123.21

John, Judge and land commissioner, brother of Nathaniel, WSHS  C1952.226.38
Margaret, sister of Nathaniel, married Michael O’Connor, WSHS C2013.18.70 (standing by Ostrander house); C2013.18.181; WSHS C1946.24.4 (standing by O’Connor house)

Dr. Nathaniel
– Pharmacist & physician, arrived Olympia in 1870s, Early Doctors of Olympia, Georgiana p. 226 and photo following p. 226; Rogues p. 96 et seq., Mayor of Olympia 1882-1883TCP, WSHS C2009.0.1045 C1946.240.5; House photo at Digital Archives, and WSHS C2013.18.70
Priscilla, daughter of Nathaniel, married James Redpath, Nathaniel’s partner 

Sara Teresa, daughter of Nathaniel, m. Charles Catlin of Cowlitz County, WSHS C2019.0.47

jacob ott
– Early pioneer, settler south end of Bush Prairie 1852, Georgiana p. 173, picture of Mr. and Mrs. Ott following p. 172; TCP

mrs ott
Mrs. Jacob Ott,
WSHS C1943.2x.324
daughter of Jacob
Henry, son of Jacob
son of Jacob

Louis P., county surveyor, Olympia Tribune Souvenir Issue;
WSHS C1952.226.41; C1950.1301.22.3; Ouellette House site
Pierre, son of Louis, WSHS C2019.0.48

Esdras, merchant (store at corner of Main (Capitol) and 5th, mayor of Olympia 1878-1879, financed completion of narrow gauge railroad to Tenino; later moved to Tacoma and made a fortune; WSHS C1950.1301.22.9 (photograph of store); biography of Ouimette. accessed through Find-a-Grave; Rogues p. 79 et seq

Guy, OHS student, WSHS C1951.8.15
John H., mason and plasterer, Rogues p 219; see Overhulse House in Where Are We?
Lizzie, WSHS C2013.18.81
Olive, WSHS C1948.64.101, C2013.18.81


Frank, son of Nicholas, attorney, WSHS C1948.18.68; C2017.0.143, C2017.0.142
Melissa, nee Wollard

, Colonel, Secretary of Washington Territory, Senator, Rogues p. 93 et seq WSHS C2017.0.138, C2017.0.137

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