Seven Oars Photo—Women on beachfront holding oars with small girl. Margaret Bigelow at far right.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Pendleton & Elisabeth Carey Miller Charitable Foundation., we have been able to scan over 200 items from the Bigelow House‘s collection of family photographs. Over one hundred of these have now been added to our website and convey a sense of the family, home, friendships, and daily life. Click on the following links to be taken to individually-themed webpages. Contact us if you would like more information,  higher resolution images, or other details, or if you have additional identifications or corrections. 


Bigelow Family
       Daniel Richardson Bigelow
       Ann Elizabeth White Bigelow
            Tirzah Bigelow
            Evaline Bigelow
            Margaret Bigelow
                  Korean Girls’ Seminary, Hawaii
            Ruth Bigelow
            Duncan Bigelow
            Ray Bigelow
            George Bigelow
                 Daniel Sylvester Bigelow
                 Mary Ann Campbell Bigelow
Bigelow House
Bigelow Garden
       Fun with Friends
The White Family
Friends and Neighbors

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