Early Residents – V

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Note: to access images from the Washington State Historical Society (WSHS) collections, enter their catalog numbers in Collections Search box. Items in bold face have been scanned

Van Arsdale
Harry, hardware store owner, WSHS 2010.149.25.1; see Bettman Block ; Rogues p. 296

Thomas, attorney, see Washington West of the Cascades
Vane, OHS student, WSHS C1949.18.28

Van Cleve (or Van Cleave)
,WSHS C2013.18.82
James, OHS student WSHS C1951.8.15
Joseph, OHS student, WSHS  C1951.8.15

Van Eaton
Mrs. Albert,
WSHS C1951.263.16
Bonnie, m. Lewis Musgrove, WSHS C1961.1185.62
Charles, grocer, WSHS 2010.149.19.2,  see Bettman Block 
Edna, OHS graduate 1909, WSHS 2014.130.1.9

van eaton
political cartoon from Digital Archives; see also WSHS C1951.263.17
(first name unknown), C1990.25.6
Ruth, WSHS C2013.18.82

Van Epps
WSHS C1950.2.4
Christine (?), WSHS 2014.130.1.11
Eltney, WSHS C2019.0.44; C1943.2x.33, C1950.1301.22.3, C1951.4.31

, married Satterlee, WSHS  C1950.3.43, C1943.1006.24, C1943.1006.6

Theodore C.
, merchant, land agent; Rogues p. 124;  WSHS C1943.1006.21, C1943.1006.6 , C1943.1006.23; C1950.1301.19.15, C1943.2x.111; see  Van Epps store, Van Epps Building; WSHS C1950.1301.19.15; biography here

Van Epps WA
W. Arley
, son of Theodore C., owner of Van Epps stationery store in Pacific Buildingsee Olympia Tribune Souvenir Issue 1891; see also WSHS  C1950.3.53, C2013.18.181, 2014.130.1.7


Philemon B
, among first to climb Mt. Rainier, photo from account of John Muir’s Ascent of Mount Rainier, see also photo at Digital Archives; WSHS C1951.285.11, Wikipedia

OCI student, WSHS C1950.1117.1.34.2, C2013.18.57

, nee Clark, married L.P

Etta, daughter of L.P. OCI student, WSHS C2013.18.57, C2013.18.130married Hartman

L.P., long time professor and board member of Olympia Collegiate Institute, WSHS C1950.1117.1.9.1, C1951.303.3.15, C1947.2.6


arrived 1871 with family, married Bennett Johns, suffragist and book binder, TCP, see biography at Washington West of the Cascades, p. 390; WSHS C2016.0.188

Vietzen (or Veitzen)
saloonkeeper, WSHS C1949.3.70, C1949.3.93, C1949.3.94, C1949.3.95; see Site of Charles Vietzen Home and Site of Charlie’s Saloon (Turner Block) 

shoe and bootmaker, Rogues p. 79;  WSHS C1976.41.3
Bess, staff to legislature, WSHS C2013.18.39; C1943.3x.4

nee Langridge

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