This page includes overlay series for both 1924 and 1947. For the 1947 series, Sanborn re-used the 1924 maps and updated them by simply pasting any changes over the original maps. Some anomalies or errors exist: for example, the 1947 sheet for Capitol Campus fails to show the existence of the new diagonal streets, although the overview sheet does show them. We show the 1924 series in black and white and the 1947 series in color, which allows for easier toggling between the two sets. 

The Carlyon Fill of 1911-1912 created 23 new blocks in Olympia and filled in the Swantown Slough. The shoreline in 1924 and 1947 was much as we see it today; Capitol Lake and the Fifth Avenue Dam were still in the future, as was I-5. The port area continued to add land for the next few years, and was in flux while these maps were being created. Architect Joseph Wohleb created the Mission-style look of downtown Olympia and many other important buildings. Capitol Campus, west of Capitol Way, was largely completed. Industrial activity continued to expand between 1924 and 1947, and growth continued apace. 

These overlays consist of many individual layers, which you can turn on or off by clicking on the layer icon (), as well as setting opacity levels for each layer (use right arrow in the layer menu). There is also a layer that contains color-coded dots with links to historical features (see instruction page for more information on this feature). We recommend you start with overviews for 1924 and/or 1947, then click on various layers as desired. 

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Story map created and copyright 2015 and 2020 by J. Brian Hovis. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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