Early Residents – I

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Emma, nee Reed, married George William

george ingham




George William
, doctor, avid oyster developer, businessman, see Reed Building; Steele, the Rise and Decline of the Olympia Oyster (photo from that article); Ingham, Early Doctors of Olympia; WSHS C2017.0.56.34 (listed as bank director), C1986.43.0.1039; Rogues p. 183 et seq
T. Reed, son of George William, author of Early Doctors essay, see Egbert-Ingham House; WSHS C1986.43.0.806


Nora, m. Wm Marshall and took name Halcyon,  WSHS C1951.1117.5

Eliza, nee Newell
Mason, judge, first Superior Court judge, Georgiana p. 366; see Olympia Tribune Souvenir Issue


prominent attorney, History of the Puget Sound Country, p. 144; see Israel House ; Rogues p. 235
, WSHS C1952.226.42
Willie, WSHS C2013.18.82

surveyor and historian, one of last surviving Civil War veterans, see Iverson House

Sarah, married John  Dodge

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