Location: 2708 Adams St SE
Local register

egbert ingham originalEgbert-Ingham, 1975, in original location, Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation
Egbert Ingham 2011Egbert-Ingham today (2011), photograph provided by Olympia Heritage Commission

The imposing Egbert-Ingham House, sometimes called a mansion, was built in 1914 for Dana Seltzer Egbert and her husband, the dentist Curtis Egbert. It was located near the site of the future Capitol Campus, where the current Visitors’ Center is located. At the time the home was built, construction was in progress for the Temple of Justice and none of the other buildings on the campus had begun. Over the next several years, the campus rose up around the Egberts’ home and many homes in the area had to be moved or torn down to accommodate it. The home was so prominent and imposing that many assumed it was the governor’s mansion – and indeed, Governor Dan Evans and his family lived in the house for a time while the current Governor’s Mansion was being renovated.

After Dr. Egbert died, Dr. T. Reed Ingham bought the home and lived in it until the 1960s, when Capitol Campus was again expanded and the Inghams abandoned the house. The home was acquired by the state and was threatened several times with demolition, until it was finally moved to its current location in the Wildwood Neighborhood. The article by current owner David Goularte, linked below, contains a photograph of the home as it crossed the bridge over I-5 in 1979. The house is described as a Colonial Revival style. It has been beautifully restored by its current owners and is on the local register.


Article: Egbert-Ingham House, Built 1914

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