Partlow House

Location: 3303 Fairfield Rd SE
local register

partlow_1956Partlow House, 1956, Thurston County Assessor, Washington State Archives
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPartlow House today (2013), Photo by Deb Ross

The Partlow House was built in 1928, and originally located at 1026 Columbia St, near Union Ave. Kenneth Partlow I was in the second generation of the Partlow family, who arrived here in the early twentieth century. Members of this family have practiced the medical profession in Olympia for four generations. The home’s original location was near the first St. Peter Hospital; several other medical practitioners lived nearby (see, for example, the Egbert-Ingham House). In the 1950s, the state expanded its campus footprint by building the parking garage that is now at that location. The Partlow House, and next door Allen House, were moved to this location in the Carlyon Neighborhood, where they are still next door to each other (the above left photograph was taken after this house was moved, but before the Allen House was moved next door). The home, an excellent example of Tudor revival style, is on the local heritage register. According to the 1985 inventory report, it is notable for preserving many original interior features, including an elaborate electric wiring system.

Olympia Heritage inventory

For more information on the Partlow family, see the residents section of this website.





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