Parker/Mills House

Location: 1617 Columbia St SW
Local register; South Capitol National Historic District

Parker/Mills House, 1937, Thurston County  Assessor, Washington State Archives Parker/Mills House today (2013), photo by Matt Kennelly

The Parker/Mills House is a handsome and early example of the Craftsman style that became increasingly popular in Olympia in the early decades of the twentieth century. It was built by Emmett Parker in about 1904. Parker became a justice of the Washington Supreme Court a few years later. (See also the Parker House, which was also owned by Emmett Parker.) For many years the house was occupied by Jesse Mills, a prominent member of the pioneer Mills family, and founder of Mills and Mills Funeral home. The house is on the local historic register and is located in the South Capitol National Historic District.

Olympia Heritage inventory

South Capitol National Historic District

For more information on the Mills family, see the Residents section of this website


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