Parker House

Location: 1623 Sylvester St SW
Local register; South Capitol National Historic District; Wohleb

parker_1939Parker House, 1939, Thurston County  Assessor, Washington State Archives ???????????????????????????????Parker House today (2015), photo by Deb Ross

The attractive Craftsman style Parker House, built in 1920, is an example of architect Joseph Wohleb’s versatility. Wohleb also designed the next door Colonial style McCully House, built about the same time. The Parker’s House’s efficient and compact style was copied by Tumwater Lumber Mills for its catalog of precut homes (see Harmon House listing for more on TLM). It was built by Emmett Parker in about 1920. At the time the home was built, Emmett Parker was a justice of the Washington Supreme Court, and served on the court during the completion of the Temple of Justice on Capitol Campus. It is a much more modest home than the nearby Parker/Mills House which Justice Parker had owned earlier. The house is on the local historic register and is located in the South Capitol National Historic District.

Olympia Heritage inventory

South Capitol National Historic Neighborhood


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