Location: 410 Percival St NW
local register; popular culture

yenneyYenney (Olof Anderson) house, 1936, Thurston County Assessor, Southwest Regional Archives
Yenney House today (2015), photo by Deb Ross

This Tudor style cottage is one of eight Tumwater Lumber Mills (TLM) homes built along this stretch of Percival Street. TLM made pre-cut homes that were sold throughout Olympia and the Pacific Northwest. Many of the homes in this northwest neighborhood are TLM homes, including the homes in the Rogers Street Historic Neighborhood (see, for example, the Winters House). They are typically in the English Revival or Tudor Revival style.

The cottage’s first owner, in 1932, was Olof Anderson, the youngest of the Anderson brothers who emigrated from Sweden and founded the company. In 1937, one year after the above Assessor’s photograph was taken, Anderson moved exactly three blocks east, to the Olof Anderson House (not a TLM home). This house was sold to James and Catherine Yenney. From that time on, the home must have been full of music. James was a music teacher who eventually bought and renamed the Rabeck Music Store on Fourth Avenue. The Yenney music store continues to exist, having been relocated several times. The Yenneys sold this home to Gordon and Leila Brown in 1953. Mrs. Brown was herself a music teacher, and her daughter, Gordon, continues to teach piano in our community, although not at this location. The home is nicely preserved and on the local register.

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