Treat House

Location: 316 17th Ave SW
Local register; South Capitol National Historic District

treat_1938Treat House, 1938, Thurston County Assessor, Southwest Regional Archives
Treat House today (2014), photo by Deb Ross

Albert M. Treat, a well known early doctor, built this home in 1937. Many physicians built homes in the South Capitol neighborhood in the early 20th century, as it was near to St. Peter Hospital, then located at the current site of Capitol Campus, but when Dr. Treat moved to Olympia in 1934, the new Sherman Street hospital was already in place. Nevertheless, this was still a tony neighborhood befitting the new ENT specialist in town.  The style of the home is called composite Tudor, having elements of Tudor and Colonial style. It is on the local register, as well as located in the South Capitol National Historic District.

Olympia Heritage inventory

South Capitol National Historic Neighborhood

For more information on Doctor Treat, including a link to an entry for him in the article “Early Doctors of Olympia,” see the Residents section of this website.



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