Parrott/McIntosh House

Location: 401 18th Ave SE
Local register; South Capitol National Historic District

Parrott/McIntosh House, 1939, Thurston County  Assessor, Washington State Archives Parrott/McIntosh House today (2013), photo by Matt Kennelly

This is a beautifully restored pioneer style home located in the South Capitol Neighborhood. Thurston County inventory records contain two strikingly different accounts of its dates and owners. According to one, it was built in 1893 by R.B. McIntosh for his daughter, unnamed. According to this account, the building was made entirely of recycled materials from McIntosh’s mill, reflecting the hard times of the 1893 Depression. The other account lists the house as being built in 1903 by  Ellen Parrott, with R.B. McIntosh living here later on. Ellen Parrott was the mother of David Parrott, founder of the Parrott and Harter machinist company, which was once located in the Wright Building and is still in existence at a different location. The Parrott/McIntosh house is listed on the local register and is located in the South Capital National Historic Neighborhood.

Olympia Heritage inventory (1903 built narrative)

Olympia Heritage inventory (1893 built narrative)

South Capitol National Historic Neighborhood


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