Location: 529 4th Ave W
Wohleb; mid-Century modern

Memorial Clinic_1949Memorial Clinic building, 1949, Thurston County Assessor, Washington State Archives Memorial Clinic building

Memorial Clinic building in 2013, photo by Deb Ross


The Memorial  Clinic building was designed by local architect father and son team Robert and Joseph Wohleb and built in 1948. The photograph at above left was taken shortly after it was completed, and a close inspection reveals the Capitol Dome in the background still under repair after the 1949 earthquake. The clinic was an innovative concept at the time, grouping several physicians and specialties under one roof. It was located near downtown but handily close to  St. Peter Hospital, then on Sherman Street. Accordingly, when the current St. Peter Hospital was built in the 1970s, the clinic moved to remain close. The building then served as the Thurston County Department of Health until the 2000s. It was demolished in 2015.

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