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st peter'sSt. Peter Hospital, about 1924, Providence Archives capital city apartmentsCapital House Apartments today (2012), photo by Matthew Kennelly

St. Peter Hospital was founded in the late 1880s by the order of the Sisters of Providence as part of their mission to the Pacific Northwest. The first location of the hospital was on what is now part of capitol campus. The hospital rapidly expanded, and eventually, in 1923, relocated to this location in West Olympia, called the Sherman Street hospital to distinguish it from the earlier and later facilities. It was a first-class facility, housing 100 beds and all the modern equipment, as well as a nursing school. This building served as St. Peter Hospital until the late 1960s, when the current building complex was completed on Lilly Road. An excellent unpublished history by local historian Shanna Stevenson covers the entire history of St. Peter and contains interesting anecdotes about this building and its staff. It is currently (2012) an apartment building.

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Olympia Women’s Walking Tour, Second Site of St. Peter

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