Location: 1603 Columbia St SW
Local register; South Capitol National Historic Neighborhood

harmony_1937Harmony House, 1939, Thurston County Assessor, Southwest Regional Archives
Harmony HouseHarmony House today (2013), photo by Marisa Merkel

Kitty-corner from the similarly named Harmon House, the Harmony House is an early example of the modest bungalows that are typical of the South Capitol Neighborhood. It was built by Charles Harmony around 1910 and was later owned by CB Mann, a country treasurer and businessman, who was the instigator of the valuable Thurston County Pioneers project, the source of much information about early Thurston County. The home is very well preserved and is on the local register, and located in the South Capital National Historic Neighborhood.

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South Capitol Neighborhood National Historic Neighborhood

For more information on the Mann family, see the Residents section of this website

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