Byrd House

Location: 1106 Olympia Ave NE
Local Register, State Register, National Register, Olympia Avenue Local Historic District, Women’s History

Byrd House_1970Byrd House, 1970, photo from Thurston County Assessor, Washington State Archives Byrd House

Byrd House now (2010), photo by Deborah Ross

Listed on the local, state and national register, the Byrd House is the quintessential Queen Anne style home, with its many decorative features such as ornate shingling, balustrades, and cornices. Its exterior has been maintained in excellent condition. It was the home of George and Mary White Byrd. It is one of the homes occupied by the three White sisters and their mother, who all lived in the Bigelow Neighborhood (see Bigelow House, Dunbar House, and Ruddell House).  George Byrd was a long-time Tacoma resident and other sources suggest that he lived in Olympia only a short time. Thurston County Assessor data states that this house was built around 1890; it is possible it was earlier as other sources show the Byrds living in Olympia  in the 1870s, and the other White family homes were built around that time.

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