Location: 1431 11th Ave SE
Local Register

white house_1939William White house in 1939, photo from Thurston County assessor’s records, Washington State Archives William White House (Swantown Inn)

William White house today (2010) photograph by
Deb Ross 

The White House at the corner of 11th Avenue and Central Street is another example of the fine Queen Anne/Eastlake style homes built in Swantown (east Olympia) towards the end of the 19th century, probably in 1891-1892. At the time it was built, it would have had a view down to the Swantown Slough, which extended southwards from Budd Inlet to about this spot below the house. It was built by carpenter and lumberman William White and must have displayed some of his carpentry skills. It is notable for its three-story tower and myriad of ornamental details. It has been lovingly restored and is operated as a bed and breakfast.

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