Armory/Site of Washington School

Location: 515 Eastside St. SE
Schools, Wohleb, Local Register

Washington School Building (pg 2)Washington School about 1891, Olympia Tribune Souvenir Issue, Washington State LibraryarmoryArmory today (2012), Photograph courtesy of Deb Ross

This location was originally the site of the first Washington  School, shown above, which faced onto Quince Street. It housed elementary, middle and high school students. In 1923 the second Washington School, currently the Esther Knox Administrative Building of the Olympia School District, was built nearby and this building was demolished. In 1938, the current Armory (National Guard) building was built. It is a classic Wohleb design in an Art Deco style.

Links to more information:

Digital Archives photo

Washington State Historical Society

enter the following catalog number in collection search box: C1957.134x.15, C1980.22.4, C1963.18.1

Olympia Heritage inventory

Knox, a Diary of the Olympia School District





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