Location: 105 8th Ave SE (corner 8th and Capitol)
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masonic templeMasonic Temple about 1902, Image from Digital Archives thurston county titleLocation today (2012), Photo courtesy of Deb Ross

When Edmund Sylvester laid out the plans for Olympia, he set aside property for civic institutions, including two lots specifically set aside for Olympia Lodge No. 1 (formerly Lodge No. 5), which had been chartered in 1852.  The lodge originally met at Second and Main (now Olympia Ave. and Capitol Way). The building shown at above left, erected in 1855, and resembling a classic temple, lasted until 1911, when it was razed. A similar building was erected on this site but it also was razed in 1971. A plaque commemorates this site. Another plaque is located at the site of the original building on Olympia Avenue.

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Washington State Historical Society photographs (enter following catalog numbers in Collection Search box): C1952.4.52; C1961.498.22 (Fred Koepke, motorcycle policeman, in front of second temple at this site, around 1915); C1982.18.29.22 (second temple); C2017.0.111

Digital Archives photo

Bird’s Eye View of Olympia 1879, see structure marked number 5.

History of Olympia Lodge No. 1 by  George Blankenship, transcribed on this website

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