Newcomb House

Location: 1264 State St NE

Newcomb House_1938Newcomb House, 1937, photo from Thurston County Assessor, Washington State Archives Newcomb House

Newcomb House today  (2010), photo by Deborah Ross

The Newcomb House was built about 1890 and was the residence of Dr. Newcomb, who arrived in Olympia about the same time. It sits on an elevated position above State Street. It is described as being in the vernacular style with few adornments.

For more information follow these links:

Olympia Heritage inventory (note that the 1916 construction date given in the inventory is at odds with assessor’s information as well as the estimated age provided by more contemporary historian Adah Dye)

Washington State Historical Society (enter catalog number in Collections Search box): C1964.

For more information about Doctor Newcomb, see the Residents section of this website












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