Neuffer Building/Site of Dr. Waughop residence

Location: 513 Capitol Way S
Downtown Olympia National District, Diversity: African-Americans

waughop residenceWaughop Residence about 1875, Image courtesy of Washington State Historical Society Neuffer Building

Neuffer Building today (2012), Photo by Deb Ross

In early years the west side of Main Street (Capitol Way) south of Fifth Avenue directly overlooked the Deschutes Estuary (Capitol Lake). (See the Bird’s Eye View 1879 link below.) Fill added land to the west, creating Columbia Street and Water Street. The residence at left above belonged to Dr. Waughop, an early doctor in Olympia. Note the presence of their African-American servant Augusta Sherwood at ground level, while the doctor and family are at the elevated first floor.

The Neuffer building currently at this location was built in 1906 and had two stores. The storefront at the north was the Neuffer Jewelry store, while the store to the south was originally a tailor shop, and the home of the Baude Barber Shop at the time of the Robert Esterly photograph linked below. It has been a flower shop since 1926.

Further information:

Washington State Historical Society photographs (enter catalog numbers in Collections Search box): C1982.18.30.11 (above picture); C1964. (building in about 1939); 2010.149.33.1 (Baude Barbershop)

Olympia Heritage inventory

National Historic Downtown District

For more information on the Waughop and Neuffer families, see the  Residents (W) and (N) sections of this website, and the Neuffer house 

Bird’s Eye View of Olympia 1879




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