Mallery House

Location: 320 17th Ave SE
Local register; South Capitol National Historic Neighborhood

mallery_1939Mallery House, 1939, Thurston County Assessor, Washington State Archives
Mallery HouseMallery House today (2013) photo by Deb Ross

Naming a house has no set protocol. Sometimes it is named after the first occupant, sometimes the longest, and sometimes the most prominent. The latter reason appears to have won out in the case of the Mallery House (not to be confused with the Mallory House). Built by streetcar conductor William Morford, it was occupied by Bing Crosby’s maternal uncle George Harrigan and then by State Supreme Court Justice Joseph Mallery from the 1920s to 1940s.

Built about 1909, the Mallery House is in the Foursquare style typical of many other homes in this area. However, it is unusual in being faced with stucco and having rounded porch pillars and supports, reflecting the transition to the Craftsman style that became more prevalent in the neighborhood later on. The house is on the local register and in the South Capitol National Historic District.


Olympia Heritage inventory

South Capitol National Historic District

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