Location: 2711 Adams St SE
Women’s History; Wohleb

lackey_1947Lackey Duplex, 1947, Thurston County Assessor, Southwest Regional Archives Lackey duplexLackey Duplex today (2015), photo by Deborah Ross

In the early 1940s, Lillian Lackey, widow of Major John O. Lackey, platted the small Lackey Plat between Capitol Boulevard, 27th Avenue, and Adams Street. She built this duplex in 1945 at the corner of Capitol Boulevard and Adams Street and lived on one side of it. Nearby are the four homes built by Trena Belsito (later Worthington) (see, e.g., Belsito -27th Ave). This house is similar in style to Mrs. Belsito’s homes: a nod towards French eclectic with modern elements. According to its owner, it is a Joseph Wohleb design. The home is on the historic inventory but not the local register.

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