Location: 1701 4th Ave E
National and Local registers; Heritage Tree program

Gunstone archives004Gunstone House, 1940s. Gunstone family collection, courtesy Tina Roose.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGunstone House and Tree today (2014), photo by Deb Ross

This Craftsman style home was built in 1925 for Richard and Lydia Stoecker. Recent researches by the owner confirm that it is a Tumwater Lumber Mills (TLM) home. TLM provided homes in “kit” form, with over 50 TLM homes located in Olympia alone. For more information about TLM see the Harmon House listing. This home is a rare example of a TLM home on the eastside of Olympia. In 1939 it was purchased by George and Edith Gunstone, and the home was owned by the family until 2015.  The Gunstones are a long-time pioneer family of Thurston County. The home is on the local register.

To the west of the home is a City of Olympia designated Heritage Tree. Nearly 100 years old, it has been lovingly maintained by the Gunstone family, and when chestnuts ripen they are harvested by local residents.

Thank you to Tina Roose for additional information about the house and tree.


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