Location: 211 21st St SW
mid-Century modern; South Capitol National Historic District; Popular Culture

 Welcoming pole installed at State Capital Museum 1963, Daily Olympian photo courtesy Washington State Historical Society century 21 poleCentury 21 pole today (2015), photo by Deborah Ross

The 1962 Century 21 World’s Fair in Seattle was a major event Puget Sound, garnering attention, press, outreach, and competition for tourist dollars in the Olympia area as well. One year after the exposition closed, the Cascade Pole Company created a replica of one of the space age “welcoming poles” that greeted visitors to the south entrance of the fair. The pole was designed by noted architect Fred Bassetti. This pole stood outside the State Capital Museum until 1990, when it was taken down. It now sits in gradual decay and in three parts behind a storage shed on the museum grounds. The pole is inventoried but not on the local register. It is within the boundaries of the South Capitol National Historic District. The DAHP inventory sheet linked below has photographs both of the original poles in Seattle and of this pole when it was in place in Olympia.

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Heritage Inventory

mid-Century Modern Context Statement, p. 55

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