Location: 301 21st Ave SE
Local register; South Capitol National Historic District

buell house_1939Buell House, 1939, State Archives, Thurston County Assessor Buell HouseBuell House today (2013), photo by Marisa Merkel

The Buell House was built in 1931 by Arthur and Naomi Buell, who lived here until the early 1980s. Mr. Buell was a bridge builder for the State of Washington, and incorporated an “arch” theme throughout the home including openings between the rooms, coves, and even an arch over the toilet. Due to its proximity to Lincoln School, Mrs. Buell often hosted children from the school, and during World War II the home was listed as an evacuation site. The home is on the local register, and is in the South Capitol National Historic Neighborhood.

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South Capitol National Historic Neighborhood

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