Lincoln School

Location: 213 21st Ave SE
Local register; South Capitol National Historic District; Wohleb; Women’s History; Schools

Lincoln school SusanParishPhotoCollections_AR-20090812-ph00199Lincoln School, 1925-1935, State Archives, Susan Parish Collection Lincoln SchoolLincoln School today (2013), photo by Marisa Merkel

The Lincoln School building was constructed in 1925 with the Mission style characteristic of prominent Olympia architect Joseph Wohleb, who was the Olympia School District’s official architect at the time. The building replaced an earlier structure at a location a few blocks to the north of here, also called Lincoln School. It is a large, handsome stucco building with stylish ornamentation at roofline and throughout. The building was renovated in 1995 but retains its original features and is on the local register. It is still used as an elementary school.

The building is significant to women’s history of Olympia as the majority of its teachers and, more recently, its principals, were women, some of whom also played prominent roles in Olympia society.

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