Location: 727 4th Ave E

No vintage photo available: Contact us at olyhistory@gmail.com if you have one you can share, or if you would like to sponsor the scanning of an unscanned photograph at the Washington State Historical Society Bigelow Apartments

Bigelow Apartments now (2010), photo by Deb Ross

The Bigelow Apartments were built by Ray Bigelow, son of pioneers Daniel and Ann Elizabeth  Bigelow, in 1922 (see Bigelow House). The handsome, symmetrical design with its Tuscan columns at the entryway is termed Colonial Revival and was popular at the time (the Governor’s Mansion is also built in this style). The house has been well preserved. It is inventoried but not listed on a register.

For more information follow these links:

Washington State Historical Society, enter the following catalog number in collection search box: C1964. (also shows Ray Bigelow’s house next door, which no longer exists)

Olympia Heritage inventory

For more information on the Bigelow family, see the Residents section of this website.

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