Location: 114-118 Capitol Way N
Downtown National Historic District

roxie better118 N. Capitol, Roxie Moore’s saloon, as it appeared in 1880-1890, photograph courtesy of Washington State Historical Society  113 Capitol   Barnes Bank Building, 114 N. Capitol, today (2012), Photograph courtesy of Deb Ross 

The brick building seen at upper right is the Barnes Bank building. George Barnes was a very early arrival to Olympia and established the first mercantile business here. In about 1869 he built this building, the oldest brick building in Olympia and, some say, the first. For some time, it was the location of the Sportsman’s Headquarters store, and sustained damage in the 1949 earthquake. The bank is located in the National Downtown Historic District.

Just to the north of the Barnes Bank building was the Roxie Moore saloon, pictured at above left. This building was razed at some unknown date before 1949. (The Daily Olympian building added an extension in the 1950s into the space formerly occupied by the saloon, so that it now abuts the Barnes Bank Building.) According to notes on this image, one of the figures is P.D. Moore, prominent Olympia citizen.

For information about this photograph, and identification of the people in it, click on this link to the Washington State Historical Society

enter the following catalog number in collection search boxC1956.20.9; 2013.23.3 (earthquake damage, Barnes Bank building)

Olympia Heritage inventory (Barnes Bank building)

National Downtown Historic District

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