Location: 322 Capitol Way N
Washington State Register, Local Register

jack gimbletJack Gimblet’s Saloon as it appeared in 1860s or 1870s
photograph courtesy of Washington State Historical Society 
zeigler'sAs Zeigler’s appears today
Photograph courtesy of Deb Ross 

In early days of Olympia’s history, the downtown core extended down Main Street (now Capitol Way) to the waterfront, just north of this location at the corner of Capitol and Thurston (then Main Street and First Avenue). Many businesses were located in this block, including Jack Gimblet’s Saloon, pictured above. In the 1880s the City of Olympia passed an ordinance creating a special zone, north of State Avenue, where enforcement of gambling, drinking, drug use, and prostitution would be lax. This area was known as the Dead Zone, or Tenderloin (see also Dead Zone). Businesses such as the Gimblet Saloon flourished, but also faced challenges due to frequent fights and other problems. When the Carlyon Fill extended the port area well to the north, this part of town gradually became industrialized. The building now housing Zeigler’s Welding was built in 1910 and has served much the same function throughout its history. It is on the local and state registers.

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