Location: 212 Maple Park SE
mid-Century modern

rogers houseA.D. Rogers House, about 1890
Photograph from Digital Archives
employment securityEmployment Security building today (2012)
Photo courtesy of Deb Ross

A.D. Rogers was a popular and prolific photographer in the late territorial and early statehood days. Besides being the preferred society and school photographer, he was employed to create official photographs of legislators, including a complete set of the first state legislature in 1890.

This large Queen Anne-style house, near the northeast end of toney Maple Lane south of Capitol Campus, was a testament to Rogers’s commercial success.

In 1961 all of the homes on the north side of Maple Lane were demolished in order to make way for the expansion of Capitol Campus to the east side of Capitol Way. Modern office buildings were erected in their place, one of the first being the Employment Security building shown at right, designed in the “Classic Contemporary” style by Harmon, Pray and Detrich.

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