Location: 219 17th Ave. SW
Local register; South Capitol National Historic District

Redpath_1939Redpath House, 1939, Thurston County Assessor, Washington State Archives
Redpath HouseRedpath House today (2013) photo by Deb Ross

Described as one of the finest homes in Olympia, this house was built by Nathaniel and Lucy Maynard Redpath around 1907. Dr. Redpath was a descendant of early pioneers and a prominent physician. In keeping with his position in Olympia society, the house was originally located on the tony south side of Sylvester Park, at the current location of the Fleetwood Building, and was moved to its current location in 1928 or 1929. It is described as a Craftsman style home, which would have been a modern departure, when it was built, from the Queen Anne style homes that lined Capitol Way from the park southwards. It was later passed onto and owned by the Redpaths’ daughter, Catherine Redpath Weller. The house is on the local register and in the South Capitol National Historic District.


Olympia Heritage inventory

South Capitol National Historic District

For more information on the Redpath family, see the Residents section of this website.

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