Newell, Gordon: Rogues, Buffoons, and Statesmen

In the 1970s, journalist Gordon Newell published  Rogues, Buffoons, and Statesmen, a sometimes irreverent look at the history of Olympia and neighboring communities. The Society and Museum was contacted by friend Anthony Collins who had scanned the book on behalf of the Washington Talking Book and  Braille Library, and offered to provide the scans to us to post on our website.  The copyright holder, Newell’s daughter Jacqueline Newell Bland, has graciously agreed to make these scans available to researchers and those interested in local history. Please respect the copyright holder by contacting us for permission to quote from or excerpt the book. 

We are grateful to  Anthony Collins for creating these scans. Anthony notes: 


Front cover to page 7

Chapters 1 and 2: page 8 to page 45: 1845 to 1863

Chapters 3 and 4: page 46 to page 98: 1864 to 1883

Chapters 5 and 6: page 99 to page 178; 1883-1903

Chapter 7: page 179-255; 1903-1917

Chapters 8 and 9: page 256-363; 1913-1933

Chapter 10: page 364-423; 1933-1943

Chapter 11: page 424 to 486; 1943-1953

Chapter 12 and index: page 487 to end: 1953 to 1970s (index begins after page 506)