Location: 116 5th Avenue
Downtown National Historic District

Proffitt’s Department Store, 1970, Susan Parish Collection, Washington State Archives New Caldonia building today (2017) photograph by Deb Ross

According to its owner, the building now called the New Caldonia building was the site of the Caledonia Hotel in the 1870s. By 1914 it was the home of a hardware store, and a Sanborn map still shows that a hardware store was at that site in the 1920s. It was remodeled or rebuilt in 1941 to become part of the Proffitt’s store chain. It has been remodeled at least twice since that time and now houses a variety of small stores. The building is located in the National Downtown Olympia historic district, but is listed as non-contributing.

Additional links (note that the Downtown National Historic District incorrectly place the Ray Theatre at the site of this building):

Washington State Historical Society (enter catalog number in Collections Search box), C1986.43.0.269

Downtown National Historic District

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