Location: 122 21st St SW
Wohleb; South Capitol National Historic Neighborhood

joseph_wohlebJoseph Wohleb House 1939, Thurston County Assessor, Southwest Regional Archives
Joseph Wohleb House today (2015), Photo by Deb Ross

This surprisingly modest English revival-style home was designed by and built for Olympia’s pre-eminent architect, Joseph Wohleb in 1923. It is located in the South Capitol Neighborhood near many of the homes, both grand and modest, that Wohleb designed over his five decades of work in the city. It is directly across from his two most important commissions, the C.J. Lord Mansion (State Capital Museum) and the McLeary Mansion.

The vast scope of Wohleb’s influence on our city can easily be seen by turning on the Wohleb theme on Where Are We’s Interactive Map. Although Wohleb is best known for creating the Mission-style “look” of downtown Olympia, he was capable of designing buildings and homes in a wide range of styles and to suit a wide range of needs. He has been aptly dubbed “the man who designed the city.” His well-preserved home is not individually on the local register, but is located in the South Capitol National Historic District.

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