Heritage Bank/Site of organization of First Presbyterian

Location: 221 5th Ave SW
mid-Century modern; Religious institutions

first pres meeting placeSite of organization of First Presbyterian Church, photograph by Asahel Curtis, date unknown, United Churches of Olympia 

heritage bankHeritage Bank today (2012), photo by Matt Kennelly


The first church in Olympia was organized in 1854 at this location, a cooper’s shop owned by James Wood, pictured at above left before it was demolished. A small congregation, called by George Whitworth, gathered here for services the morning of November 12, and organized into a church the same afternoon. The first congregation had just seven members. After its initial organization here, the church met in various existing structures until the first purpose-built church was erected in 1862, the First Presbyterian Church building.

The building currently on this site, the Heritage Bank building, was an early example in downtown of Olympia of the Brutalist style of architecture. It was erected in 1972 and is one of several downtown mid-Century modern buildings associated with the banking and finance industry.

Additional resources:

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