Location: 514 Quince St NE
Local Register; Religious communities

glasshouse_1970Glass House, 1970, photo from Thurston County Assessor, Washington State Archives ???????????????????????????????Glass House today  (2014), photo by Deborah Ross

The Glass House near the Olympia Avenue local historic district was erected around 1893, presumably to serve as a Methodist manse, with land donated by Daniel and Ann Elizabeth Bigelow. The home would have been conveniently close to the Bigelows, to the Methodist-supported Olympia Collegiate Institute (although OCI folded soon after the home was built), and not far from the Methodist Church on Fourth Avenue, near the Swantown Bridge. The house is named after one of the home’s occupants, Robert Glass, who served First Methodist from 1899 to 1902. According to church history, Reverend Glass was in part responsible for raising funds to replace the original aging building with a new structure on Fifth and Adams. Glass Avenue, on which the Bigelow House sits, was named after Reverend Glass.

The home is in the typical Foursquare style; modifications have been made to the front with the addition of the porch. The home is on the local register.

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