Location: 1825 Water St SW
Local Register; Women’s History; South Capitol National Historic District

No scanned vintage photo of this house is available. If you have one we can scan, or would like to sponsor the scanning of the photo linked below, please contact us at olyhistory@gmail.com Eugley House

Eugley House today (2010) photograph by
Deb Ross 

The Eugley House on Water Street was built by Bertha and M.C. Eugley in about 1908. According to one owner, it was based on a design from the Rhine area of Germany. It is an unusual style described as Queen Anne and Italianate, with a tower reminiscent of Italianate and decorative features. It has been well preserved and is on the local register. The Eugleys only lived here for a short time. Bertha Eugley was a well-known milliner. See Site of Bertha Eugley Millinery . The house is on the local register and is located in the South Capitol Neighborhood National Historic District.

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