Location: 116 18th St SE
South Capitol National Historic District 

Brazel_1939Brazel house in 1939, photo from Thurston County assessor’s records, Washington State Archives Brazel House

Brazel House today (2010) photograph by
Deb Ross 

The Brazel House on 18th Street was built by George Brazel in about 1891. It is an unusual design for Olympia with its mansard roof. Brazel was a builder and the family was and is well established in Olympia. The house has not been inventoried but is in the South Capitol National Historic District, and is a fine example of a well preserved home in this neighborhood.

Additional information:

South Capitol National Historic Neighborhood

Washington State Historical Society photograph, enter the following catalog number in collection search box: C1964.

For more information on the Brazel family, see the Residents section of this website.

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