Location: 512 Sherman St SW
Wohleb; mid-Century modern

benner_1960Benner House under construction, 1960, Thurston County Assessor, Southwest Regional Archives
Benner House today (2014), Photo by Deb Ross

The Norman and Isabelle Benner House is considered one of the more important examples of mid-Century residential architecture in Olympia. Its architect, Gordon Stacey Bennett was working for the Wohleb and Wohleb firm in 1959 when he designed the building. He later went on to a solo practice and then formed the Bennett and Johnson firm, responsible for many of the city’s most important mid-Century commercial and residential structures.

Bennett designed the home to be almost invisible from the street, with large windows on the east side facing a gully and Capitol Lake. As can be seen in the photograph at above left, it is of concrete construction and uses other modern construction materials.

Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation property report

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