Location: 1008 Prospect Ave NE

1008 prospect_19541008 Prospect Ave, 1954, Thurston County Assessor 1008 Prospect

1008 Prospect today (2012), photo by Deb Ross

The home at 1008 Prospect Ave is located between  the Olympia Avenue National Historic District and the Bigelow House. Built in 1895, it is a good example of the type of unassuming homes that were being built in Swantown (Olympia eastside) at that time. This part of town was accessible only via an unreliable bridge before the Carlyon Fill in 1910, but was the home of several small industries that attracted workers. Photographs from the Thurston County Assessor in 1954 and by Charles M. Moore in 1949 show that the basic structure of the building is unchanged. The house is not currently inventoried.

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Washington State Historical Society, enter the following catalog number in collection search box C1949.1301.31.7.1

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