Winged Victory

Location: Capitol Campus
Washington State Capital National Historic District; Arts and Culture

winged victory-1960sWinged Victory statue in 1960s, Susan Parish Collection Washington State Archives winged victoryWinged Victory today (2012) photograph by
Benjamin Helle

The winged victory monument on Capitol Campus, honoring those who served in World War I, was first conceived in 1919. Plans were approved in 1927, soon after completion of the main buildings of  Capitol Campus. It was designed by noted sculptor Alonzo Victor Lewis. The monument was dedicated in 1938. The central figure represents the Greek goddess Nike, or Victory, flanked by members of the then-three armed forces: sailor, soldier, and marine, along with a Red Cross nurse.

The photograph at above left is from the Susan Parish collection, and shows members of the Alfred William Leach Band of the American Legion in Olympia.

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