Location: 820 5th Ave SW
Wohleb; Popular culture

westbrook_1966Westbrook House 1966, Thurston County Assessor, Southwest Regional Archives
Westbrook House today (2015), photograph by Deb Ross

This distinguished English revival style home was built by Virgil Westbrook in 1923 to serve as his own residence. Westbrook was associated with the Wohleb firm and designed other distinguished homes here and elsewhere, including the listed Dohm House across the street. The home featured several whimsical details, such as portholes designed to look like captain’s quarters on a ship. The home was owned for many years by the Barner family. George Barner was a distinguished citizen in his own right, having served in the capacity of Thurston County’s County and Port Commissioner; he was also a well-known musician, a member of various local rock bands in the 1960s. The home burned in 2016. 

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