Sekstrom-Paton House

Location: 1606 Columbia St SW
Local register; South Capitol National Historic Neighborhood; Diversity: Scandinavians

sekstrompaton_1937Sekstrom-Paton House, 1937, Thurston County Assessor, Southwest Regional Archives
Sekstrom-Paton HouseSekstrom-Paton House today (2013), photo by Marisa Merkel

The Sekstrom-Paton House is one of several homes that were ordered by catalogue from the Tumwater Lumber Mills Ready Cut Homes. The company was founded by the Anderson family, who were Swedish. Over fifty homes in the South Capitol Neighborhood were from the TLM catalogue. Five homes in a row in this block were dubbed “Swede row,” in recognition of the Anderson family’s origin (see the Harmon House). The house was built around 1922. In 1927 it was acquired by Manne (Morris) and Freeda Sekstrom. Morris was president of Olympia Veneer, a revolutionary cooperative that employed many Scandinavians and introduced a number of innovations in the plywood industry.  Like several other TLM homes, the Sekstrom-Paton house is Dutch Colonial in style. It is on the local register and located in the South Capitol National Historic Neighborhood.

Olympia Heritage inventory

South Capitol Neighborhood National Historic District

downloadable Tumwater Lumber Mills catalogue 



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