Reder House

Location: 1207 Olympia Ave NE
Olympia Avenue Local Historic District


Reder House_1939Reder House, 1939, Thurston County Assessor, Washington State Archives



Reder House

Reder House today (2010), photo by Deborah Ross

This house, built in 1894, is at the eastern end of Olympia Avenue, formerly Second Avenue. Its comfortable, relatively unostentatious style, is consistent with the other homes in this neighborhood, which is one of two local historic districts in Olympia. The house was built in 1894 by the Aldrich family, according to early historian Adah Dye; by the early 20th century, and for at least two decades, it was occupied by the Lee Reder family; Lee Reder and his son both listed their occupations as bartenders.

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Washington  State Historical  Society photographs (enter the following catalog numbers in Collections Search box):C1964. (unscanned photo circa 1937)

Olympia Avenue Historic District








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