Mark Foutch

The boards of the Olympia Historical Society and the Bigelow House Preservation Association have been discussing a merger of our two organizations. Our boards, and others in the community, see advantages for both organizations in the proposed merger. We have a shared mission to preserve and promote local history. Many of our members already support both organizations. We anticipate synergies and efficiencies from a merger.

Approval of both memberships is necessary to proceed. Members will vote on the proposed merger December 14. Both boards have agreed on general provisions of a final draft agreement. They will review a final draft of the agreement and supporting documents on October 26.

Formal notice of the December 14 meeting, including all documents, will be sent November 14 to all members “currently in good standing” as of that date. That term includes having paid 2013 dues. This is a legal requirement. No one besides members in good standing as of November 14 will be allowed to vote December 14. Legal counsel for our proposed merger is being provided pro bono by Katherine Robinson of Graham & Dunn PC, Seattle.

This will be our most important meeting since OHS was first formed in 2001! Please mark your calendars now for December 14, and make sure your 2013 membership is up to date. More details, including time and location, will be provided in the formal meeting notice.