Plum Street Substation

Location: 712 Legion Way SE

Advertisement in Olympia High School’s 1932 annual, Olympix
plum st substation
Plum Street substation today (2015), photo by Deb Ross

This unique structure was built in 1927 by Puget Sound Power and Light Company (now Puget Sound Energy). It is in a charming French eclectic design and is designed to hide a substation. A substation steps up or down voltage delivered to the site by transmission or distribution lines. The substation still exists at the site, but has grown in size to spill out into the adjacent area. According to the heritage inventory, “the structure is an especially attractive one for a utilitarian use and Puget Power sources identified it as being unique.”


Olympia Heritage Inventory

Thurstontalk article about substation

Thank you to Dwight Moody for finding the Olympix advertisement. 

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