Location: 119 Columbia St. NW
Downtown Olympia National Historical District; Schools

meacham betterMeacham Furniture Co. around 1880, photograph courtesy of Washington State Historical Society mekong thaiMunro Building (Mekong Thai) today (2012) Photograph courtesy of Deb Ross

The Meacham Furniture Company shown above to the left was located on the west side of Columbia Street between State and Fourth; the exact address is not known. After the disastrous fire of 1882, the commercial core of downtown Olympia began using masonry or brick as the primary building material, instead of wood. The Munro Building shown above right was built in 1914. It housed a variety of stores, including a plumbing and carpentry shop. Rooms were rented on the second floor. The building is in the Downtown Olympia National Historic District.

According to historian Bernice Sapp, the Meacham Furniture building once housed a school run by Annie Stevens.

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