Location: 112 18th Ave SW
Local register, South Capitol National Historic Neighborhood

No vintage photograph has been located for this home. If you have one to share, please contact us.

Martin-Tiffany House today (2014), photo by Deb Ross

This home was built some time between about 1911 and 1926. Records show that the home was on this location in 1926, but there is family lore that it was built earlier and moved one block to this location. The home was owned by Dewey Martin, a son of James Martin, who was responsible for building many of the commercial structures downtown (see Martin Warehouse, Martin Building, Donald Building). Dewey himself was a business owner and early aviator.

This home is an attractive bungalow, and is on the local register as well as being in the South Capitol National Historic Neighborhood.


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South Capitol National Historic Neighborhood

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