Location: 1627 Dickinson St NW

Lowry_1937Lowry House, 1937, Thurston County  Assessor, Washington State Archives
Lowry House today (2014), photo by Deb Ross

The Lowry House was constructed in about 1890. At the time, it was located in a remote area of West Olympia, before its rapid expansion in the early 1890s resulting from the establishment of the Woodruff and other large plats that stretched along the hillside above Budd Inlet. As can be seen in the photograph at above left from 1937, this area of town was still quite rural at that time, and even now is surrounded by undeveloped woodlands. The home is a well preserved example of the Queen Anne style, making use of fanciful decorative features such as shingling, banding, and brackets.

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